Dental Services

Believe it or not, our pets need dental care too! If your pet has bad breath, visible tartar or loose/missing teeth, they probably need a dental cleaning. Because dental health varies widely depending on your pet’s breed, size, and age, we recommend that you bring your pet in for a consultation. Doctors can then evaluate their teeth and give you an assessment and estimate of cost.

Dental cleanings can be scheduled Tuesday through Friday and are usually an outpatient procedure. A routine dental includes ultrasonic scaling, hand scaling, polishing and sealing. A doctor then evaluates your pet’s teeth for pocketing, mobility, discoloration or fracture. Teeth that need to be removed will be extracted by a doctor.

Since our pets have to go under general anesthesia for a dental cleaning, we recommend pre-anesthetic blood work to make sure that they are healthy enough for the procedure. The need for pain medications or fluids during the procedure is tailored to each patient.

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